Biological Pesticides :

Pesticides are used to control organisms which are considered harmful. For example, they are used to kill mosquitoes that can transmit potentially deadly diseases like west nile virus and malaria. They can also kill bees, wasps or ants that can cause allergic reactions.

Insecticides can protect animals from illnesses that can be caused by parasites such as fleas.Pesticides can prevent sickness in humans that could be caused by moldy food or diseased produce. Herbicides can prevent vehicular accidents by clearing roadside trees and brush, which may block visibility for drivers.

They can also kill invasive weeds in parks and wilderness areas which may cause environmental damage. Herbicides are commonly applied in ponds and lakes to control algae and plants such as water grasses that can interfere with activities like swimming and fishing and cause the water to look or smell unpleasant.

Uncontrolled pests such as termites and mold can damage structures such as houses.Pesticides are used in grocery stores and food storage facilities to manage rodents and insects that infest food such as grain.

Each use of a pesticide carries some associated risk. Proper pesticide use decreases these associated risks to a level deemed acceptable and may increase quality of life and protect property and the environment.

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